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Increasing market pressures and ever lower tolerances for late deliveries are putting pressure on manufacturers to ensure that facilities and equipment are not only....

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Increasing market pressures and ever lower tolerances for late deliveries are putting pressure on manufacturers to ensure that facilities and equipment are not only available, but also operating at peak performance. Let Fox Run help guide you through the myriad choices and implementation methodologies available today. We are experts in analyzing shop floor processes and identyfing the areas where the most benefit can be derived from automating tasks.

When you implement Syteline Data Collection solution, you will streamline your business. Information will flow from engineers and designers to the shop floor seamlessly and more quickly. Rapid and accurate information sharing assists you in meeting tightening deadlines and facilitates greater communication between the builders and the designers, eliminating costly mistakes and rework.

We can implement Shop Floor Automation in these areas:

Material Handing
The Syteline DC software solution automates standard Syteline receiving, inventory movement & counting, and shipping transaction processing.

As each vendor shipment arrives, your receiving clerk will scan the bar code labels, capturing and verifying your purchase order number, part numbers & quantities, lot numbers, etc., against your own receiving tolerances. You can also prompt the clerk with put-away locations and/or direct issues to the shop floor. Syteline inventory is updated immediately upon receipt. Receiving labels may also be printed and applied to automate receipts from vendors not compliant with your label specifications.

Your personnel can bypass time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry by scanning part and locations to perform inventory transfers, issues, adjustments and returns, and update Syteline in real time. Counting procedures are also simplified by downloading count items, locations and bin contents to the user’s terminal with no need to log into Syteline.

Quickly selecting the right item in the right quantity for the right customer – every time – is the key to shipping success. When the Syteline pick list is downloaded to your shipping clerk, the exact item, quantity and location information guides the clerk to make the proper selections, and verifies the accuracy of each pick. Your customer’s specified shipping labels will print automatically, saving the time and potential for manual data entry errors.

Production Reporting
Real time shop floor visibility requires automated production reporting. Bar coded manufacturing documents are scanned to simplify production data entry and labor calculations. Syteline jobs or schedules are automatically updated with completion quantities and elapsed labor and machine times.

Integrated Bar Code Label Printing
Predefined bar code label formats are delivered for and integrated with each Syteline DC transaction. Label data is pulled from your Syteline database, eliminating manual data entry and outside label databases. You may also configure existing label formats, or produce your own formats, to meet virtually any labeling requirement.

As significant changes in technology are made in shorter cycles the challenges to choose the right hardware increases. We understand the break point between cost and value and able to present the information needed to make an informed choice.

Data Collection requires a broad knowledge and deep domain expertise in Shop Floor Processes, Bar Coding, Wireless Networks, PDAs, RFID and latest available hardware. Fox Run has the expertise needed to select the right processes, hardware and strategy.


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